These are some frequently asked questions about the Housing Futures programme. Click the questions below to see the answers.

+ What is the purpose of the Housing Futures programme?

The aim of the programme is to build innovation capacity within the sector in Wales and to collaborate with individuals from across the UK to come up with practical solutions to some big challenges.

The programme has five distinct phases including; identifying the challenge, gathering insights, coming up with ideas, putting those ideas through the innovation process in the Welsh Greenhouse and finally turning them into scalable, viable solutions.

+ Who is leading the Housing Futures programme in Wales?

The team is led by Edwina O’Hart, Rhian Robinson, and Hayley MacNamara overseen by the Senior Management Group at CHC.

A Steering Group made up of senior representatives will also support the work of the programme. Click here for more information.

+ Can tenants get involved?

We are encouraging tenants to join the Challenge Identification workshops and Steering Group.

To join the Challenge Identification workshops, we are asking tenants to get in touch with their housing association who can will book them on (places are limited). More details on the workshop dates are here.

Tenants are also encouraged to also fill out this survey.

More details on the Steering Group is here.

+ What's the purpose of the Welsh Steering Group?

To have oversight of the Housing Futures programme in Wales as it progresses. At each stage the steering group will have specific decision making responsibilities and will act as champions for the programme, playing a crucial role in its success.

Each steering group meeting will provide attendees with unique insight into the innovation process. Meetings will require attendees to use tools, tips and techniques required for great innovation.

An engaged and enthusiastic steering group is crucial for the success of the programme.

+ Who's eligible to join the Welsh Steering Group?

The role should be taken up by a senior representative from member organisations (CEO, Chair or member of the leadership team). We are also looking for tenant reps to join to Welsh Steering Group.

From April onwards the group could expand as associations with a person on the Greenhouse may be invited to join. We may also invite external organisations to join the Welsh Steering Group based on the challenge identified for the Greenhouse.

+ How can I apply to be on the Welsh Steering Group?

You can apply to be on the Welsh Steering Group here. The closing date for nominations is 7 February 2020.

+ What Challenge will Wales focus on?

The problem we focus on needs to meet certain criteria. Solving it needs to make a big impact and we need your help to identify the problem we focus on.

Have your say via this survey or book onto one of our Challenge Identification sessions which are running across Wales in February.

The Welsh Steering Group will then take all this information and narrow it down to one distinctive problem to take through to the next phase of the programme.

To see some examples of what can be achieved, take a look at the National Housing Federation's outcomes from their previous programme.

+ What is the Greenhouse?

The Greenhouse is the name for the Incubation phase of the Housing Futures programme. It will last for 16 weeks and its HQ will be at CHC’s offices in Cardiff.

A small team of members will collaborate to work on an innovative solution to the challenge which has been identified by the membership. While the HQ is in Cardiff, the team will work flexibly and be visible right across Wales.

+ How can I apply to join the Greenhouse?

Greenhouse applications will open in March and close May 1st 2020. You will need to have permission to be seconded on a full time basis into the Greenhouse team for a period of 16 weeks. More information will be published ASAP.