Insight Labs

Insight Labs – free training on gathering great insights

The Steering Group have identified the problem we’re going to focus on in Wales as part of the Housing Futures programme. This will be revealed on March 25th. A big thank you to everyone who contributed a challenge either in person at a Challenge ID workshops or via our online survey.

The next phase of the programme is to run a number of Insight Labs to train the sector to gather great insights to dig deep and find out as much as we can about the problem and challenge our own perceptions.  This training will also be super useful for your own role within the sector.

What are Insight Labs?

The key to great innovation is falling in love with the problem.

The training will be facilitated by Insight Leaders from CHC who have previously undergone Insight Leader training with ?WhatIf! Innovation.

During the Insight Labs, you will learn the key innovation tools and techniques to become detectives gathering great insight through conversations and desk research.

You will gather a depth of insight about our problem. Once we can better understand the problem, then we can start to solve it.

The workshops are open to all housing association staff.

Attendees will be expected to return to their organisations and run an insight gathering session with other staff and tenants and feed this back to CHC.

Space may be limited to two or three per housing association (depending on demand) so you are advised to book early.

Where are the Insight Labs taking place?

Click below to book your place. There is limited availability, so reserve your place now!