Earlier this year, as part of our Alcemi programme, we launched ‘Housing Futures’, a programme with the National Housing Federation and the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations supported by innovation experts !Whatif?. 

The aim was to collaborate and innovate on shared challenges identified through workshops held across Wales. 

We’d made progress. 

We engaged with more than 100 staff and tenants from across Wales to identify the big systemic issues standing in the way of achieving our vision of a Wales where good housing is a basic right for all.

And we had established a steering group to choose one shared challenge to take through an innovation process with ?Whatif! as part of the programme.

Then the COVID 19 Pandemic hit. 

While the Housing Futures programme is on hold, conversations with the sector have highlighted that this area of work is now more important than ever. 

We’ve also seen collaboration on a grand scale since the start of the pandemic with members constantly finding new ways of working to continue to deliver services to tenants. 

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to develop a new programme which meets the original objectives, which will see CHC playing both a facilitating and an enabling role to build capacity and foster a culture of collaboration and innovation to do things differently.

Part of this programme includes piloting an innovation process with Simply Do Ideas.

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