Innovation Pilot

The key to innovation is to fully understand the problem you’re trying to solve. 

We weren’t starting from a blank sheet of paper. 

We built on the work done as part of the Housing Futures programme to identify the big systemic challenges facing us by running 15 Challenge Hacks to re-look at these through the lens of COVID-19. 

Some of the challenges remained the same, some were amplified and some new ones surfaced as a result of the pandemic.

The Hacks were attended by 120 people, 78 from the membership and 42 from external organisations which was really beneficial to understand the challenge from various perspectives.

At the end of the process we’d identified 5 key challenge areas to explore further. They were:

  • Joining the dots between Health & Housing
  • Ending homelessness
  • Connected & resilient communities
  • Economic recovery and 
  • Decarbonisation - Making our homes more energy efficient.

Through an interactive process of audience participation and a session with the steering group, set up to choose the challenge area for the original programme, we’ve devised a roadmap which starts with bringing the challenge area of ‘joining the dots between health and housing’ to the next stage of the process. 

While some of the discussions were around structural issues that require policy and funding change (this will be addressed as part of Alcemi:Influence for a better future), other conversations focussed on what we have influence over. 

This will be the focus of the challenge and a small working group has been set up to run the pilot. More details to follow shortly.

What's Next?

Check out the timeline below.

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Working Group:

  • Refining the challenge 
  • Set Challenge specification


Working Group:

Challenge launched to the public for solutions.


Working Group/steering group:

Shortlist and qualification - which ideas will we bring forward? 


Working Group/Steering group:

Progression pathway - steps to test ideas.