Influencing to build a better futute

Our influencing for a better future programme kicked off in July when we ran a number of sessions with the over 100 housing association colleagues and tenants to identify the biggest challenge standing on our way to achieve our vision of a Wales where good housing is a basic right for all.

23 Challenges were identified, which were tested with the sector, refined and categorised as follows: 

  • Economic recovery - building vibrant places
  • Connected and financially resilient communities
  • Ending homelessness in Wales
  • Joining the dots - health, housing and social care
  • Climate change - making our homes more energy efficient. 

In July and August, we ran a number of Challenge Hacks with the sector and external partners to really understand each of these challenges. The perspectives of so many external partners proved invaluable as we shared collective knowledge and insight around the challenges. We asked ourselves what power do we have to tackle this problem and what will help and hinder us? 

Then, in September we ran 5 ‘Making the change workshops to harness the wisdom of the crowd to identify solutions to these challenges.

Some of the challenges will be further explored as part of our innovation work, but many of the challenges and solutions around structural issues that require policy and funding change have made it into ‘Home’, our manifesto for the Welsh Senedd Election in 2021.

We’re really proud of ‘Home’ which truly represents the partnership approach we took to developing the manifesto. It makes some specific asks of the next Welsh Government and importantly, also commits the sector to work side by side with the next Welsh Government in a number of key areas.

Thank you for playing your part! The work doesn’t end here. We will be back in touch with more details about the wider ‘Home’ campaign and opportunities for you to get involved.

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Challenge Identification

  • 117 Housing Association Staff and tenants involved
  • 23 Challenges identified which were reviewed and refined into 5 broad themes


Challenge Hacks

  • 120 people, 78 Housing Association Staff and 42 representatives from external organisations
  • Sharing insight and knowledge to fully understand the challenges


Making the Change workshops

  • 107 people in total, 60 from Housing Associations and and 47 from external organisations
  • Identifying what change needed to happen to address the challenges


Manifesto drafting

Testing with the membership, external organisations and political parties.


Member consultation

Further testing and drafting and Manifesto sign off


Manifesto launch

View here.


Watch this space!

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