Due to the Coronavirus outbreak our planned programme for Housing Futures and Business Transformation will be postponed. However, if you are interested in helping create a better future for Wales post-Covid through collaboration and creative solutions, join in our Influencing to build a better future strand of Alcemi. Read more here.

Influencing to build a better future

Do you want an opportunity to challenge the status quo and work with housing colleagues and experts to come up with solutions to build a better Wales?


Through the Summer of 2020 we will be embarking on an exciting piece of work to show how the social housing sector can play a major role in rebuilding and creating a better Wales.

We will be inviting housing staff, tenants and experts from different fields across Wales to look at the biggest challenges our sector, and country, is facing right now. Together we can come up with insights and ideas needed to develop the solutions for change.




Within just a few months, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a fundamental shift in the way that we live, work and play. The importance of a good home has been exposed on a grand and very public scale during the lockdown period.

As we move through this period of social and economic upheaval, we need to work in a different way. We need a shared sector understanding of our ambition, values and problems we are trying to solve. This is our opportunity to challenge the status quo and show our sector value ahead of the 2021 elections.


We aren’t starting from scratch


The good thing is we aren't starting from a blank sheet of paper, but building on years of work we have already done to meet our vision for a Wales where good housing is a basic right for all.

Our Housing Futures work from earlier this year also helped us to understand the major problems facing us, and most importantly discuss how we could potentially resolve these.

We need your help


Whether you’re a housing association member of staff or a tenant, your knowledge, experience and oversight is vital to helping us shift the paradigm and change things for the better.

As a first step, we would like to invite you to a session that will be running on the following times and dates:


All housing association staff and tenants

Wednesday 1st July, 11am–12:30pm - Fully booked

Wednesday 1st July, 2pm–3:30pm - Fully booked

Thursday 2nd July, 12pm–1:30pm - Fully booked

Wednesday 8th July, 1pm – 2:30pm - Register for free here


Housing association board members

Friday 3rd July, 10am–11:30am – Register for free here


Housing association Chief Executives, Chairs and Vice Chairs and the CHC board

Friday 3rd July, 1pm–2:30pm - Fully booked