Live Learning Partnership using Sensemaker

Life is different now. Coronavirus has changed the way we live, work and play.

Some things have changed for the better, others for the worse - and we want to learn from this to make things better in the future, for everyone.

We want to understand the ongoing impact of the pandemic on individuals, communities and the world around us. What have you done differently? What are you observing? 

To support this, we’ve joined the Live Learning Partnership*, a collection of organisations who will be promoting the use of the online ‘storytelling’ tool Sensemaker®.

As the name suggests, Sensemaker® tries to make sense of the changing world around us by analysing anonymous stories and experiences, told from an individual’s perspective.

Based on the ‘stories’ we collect, we will share themes and trends with you and others - because that’s how we can improve services and change things for the better.

Following a call out to the sector, we’ve had interest from the following members to pilot this:

  • Coastal

  • Family Housing

  • Linc

  • Melin

  • Monmouthshire Housing

  • Newydd

These organisations have signed up to actively use and champion the platform and will have access to the anonymous data.

However, use of the platform isn’t just for the organisations named above. We’re encouraging all members to use Sensemaker®, as the more stories we gather, the better picture we can draw.

The platform can be accessed by clicking on the following links: