Sylvia McCabe

Sylvia McCabe

Tenant & Scrutiny Panel Member, Cartrefi Conwy

After retiring from being a lecturer in psychology, as a hobby (studying with Liverpool University) and for something different to learn, my interest veered into; Egyptology, hieroglyphs and history. This has led to my undertaking independent research into the analysis of ancient writing. A long journey and harder than originally imagined.

Social housing has become a passion after learning about the role of my housing association, (Cartrefi Conwy) scrutiny panel. Attending the TPAS Cymru conferences and other relevant housing discussion groups, my application to be a member of the scrutiny panel has been successful.

The future generations of Wales and their potential social housing standards is vitally important, as these homes need to meet; global standards, be environmentally friendly, attractive to the eye and affordable. Leaving behind traditional housing estates, having the potential to provide youngsters with an outstanding pride in where they live, how they can contribute to their home and environment issues, with a confidence that as tenants they are at the heart of all decision making in relation to their homes and well-being.

As a champion of the Welsh Housing Futures Steering Group my aim will be to work with an open mind, be creative and as part of the team be a constructive contributor to the success of the Welsh Housing Futures programme.